Thursday, December 29, 2016

Yanick Lahens - Bain de Lune (Sabine Wespieser, 2014) **

Written by Haitian author Yanick Lahens, the novel relates the story of Olmène, a young peasant woman who gets noticed by Tertulien Mésidor, the wealthy owner the land where the girls lives. The story moves between various generations, and creates a lively picture of the country, yet somehow it didn't capture my interest. Reading gets slowed down by the many characters and you have to flip to the back of the book each time to understand how they fit into the six generations family tree, and you are equally slowed down by the use of many Haitian words that are to be found in a glossary at the back. It did receive the Prix Femina though. It is well written. But not my thing, apparently.

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