Sunday, December 11, 2016

László Krasznahorkai - The Melancholy Of Resistance (Tuskar Rock Press, 2016) ***

As enchanted as I was by Krasznahorkai's "Seiobo There Below", as disappointed that I am with this book. The style is the same, lengthy sentences that never seem to end, yet that meander and flow in an organic and logic sequence out of the consciousness and perceptions and reminiscences of the character into words, yet when in "Seboio There Below", the unusual characters are all driven by their artistic or aesthetic passions, here the shifting perspectives of all the characters circle around a single event, the arrival of a great whale in a circus-like event in the vast planes of a boring and desolate town. The major difference in my opinion is that the characters are less interesting than his later album.

I had seen the movie before, the black and white "Werkmeister Harmonies", directed by Bela Tarr, the slowest movie ever, yet with a great atmosphere.

"The Melancholy of Resistance" will probably please fans of Krasznahorkai, but if you want to be introduced to his strange universe, I would suggest to start with "Seiobo There Below".

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