Sunday, December 11, 2016

J. Anderson Thompson - Why We Believe In God(s)? (Pitchstone, 2012) **

The title of the book is intriguing, and to me one of the greatest mysteries of the human mind: why do  people believe in god? Considering the fact that there is no evidence of the existence of any god, and that despite the increase in education levels, and the enormous amount of scientific information that explains things that were part of religious myths, people still continue to believe.

I thought this book would shed some more light on why people believe, and it does only to a certain extent. Maybe I have already read to many books on the subject, and this one gives a concise overview of all the scientific arguments of how religions come to be, but that upside is also its downside: there are not many new ideas to find here.

The book ends with a quote from Stephen Hawking, that "since science is based on observation, and religion on authority, science will win in the end". I am less optimistic. I fear that most people subject themselves to authority with pleasure, instead of relying on their own observations.

Interesting reading if you're not familiar with the arguments.

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