Wednesday, December 28, 2016

C.B. Brooks - The Non-Believer's Guide To The Bible Stories (Pitchstone, 2015) *

I am an atheist and a real bible junk. The biggest mystery on earth is why people are religious. It beats me. Do they actually believe all this nonsense? These stories once invented by totally uneducated primitive nomads herding cattle in the hills of the Middle-East? And some people still believe this superstitions today?

Unfortunately they do, and it remains puzzling.

That's why I buy books like this one. In the hope to understand. I bought it via Amazon without having had the chance to leaf the pages before buying. It's a kind of disappointment. The little book just summarises the real bible in very short easy-to-read chapters and paragraphs. So that you can know what the stories are without having to read the actual bible. That by itself has some value. But I would recommend you to read the real thing.

In my opinion, every person reading the bible today as it is, cannot come to any other conclusion that it is totally bogus: full of mistakes, contradictions, with god as a monster, the 'chosen people' as nothing more than unfaithful and murderous cowards, and no moral guidance of any value to the ethical society of today.

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