Sunday, December 11, 2016

Albert Sanchez Piñol - Cold Skin (Canongate, 2016) **½

A wheather observer is dropped on a remote island somewhere close to the Antartic for the period of a year. The only other person on the island manages the lighthouse. When the boat leaves, the new guest on the island is attacked by sea creatures that are a hybrid between reptiles and humans (at least that's how they come across).

The whole novel is nothing but the battle of the main character against the creatures, first in the company and with the support of the lighthouse manager, yet gradually things start to change, and I will not say more ...

It's an easy read, good for the holidays. It is well written and the subject is so bizarre that the book is memorable, which by itself is already something. On the other hand, there are many other ways to spend time meaningfully than to read this book.

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